Country #41 – Portugal, Challenges Everywhere

To say that I was excited to return to Lagos, Portugal is a gross understatement.  I was last there for three weeks in 1992 after studying abroad in Paris for the semester.  It left an indelible footprint in my mind.  The gorgeous turquoise blue/green waters of the Algarve has miles of caves and grottos to explore by boat or kayak.  The cliffs contain a labyrinth of paths that wind all along the edge overlooking the waters below.  The constant wind brings refreshment to the ever present warm sun.  Hidden beaches delight at every turn some populated and others completely desolate.  The people were warm and welcoming to tourists and locals alike.  The language was soft, romantic and beautiful.  The food was fresh and full of delicacies we can’t find at home, like bacalhau (a staple Portuguese cod dish), melons covered in fresh port and fresh olives from the groves.  What is not to love?  My one concern was that it might have changed or maybe my memory was colored by the rose covered glasses of being in college and on vacation in Europe… I need not have worried.  Every memory I have is what we experienced in Lagos.  Despite some difficulty getting our rental car, we arrived to our apartment mid-afternoon.  We soon found […]