AJ Hackett – Minjin Swing

This next photo shoot should not be on the table.  I vetoed bungy jumping in New Zealand several years ago.  When Adam (our dive guide from Passions) excitedly suggested it on the boat, Jeff was not there and I joked that he dare not bring it to his attention.  We did not know that there was a first class bungy operation just 30 minutes from Cairns.  AJ Hackett built a 50 meter Bungy tower 25 years ago and added the 45 meter Minjin Swing (the world’s fastest Jungle swing) a few years later.  They have a well-earned reputation for safety and heart pumping thrills.  The moment Jeff returns to the table Adam not only mentions the bungy but offers us a free pass.  I try to politely decline but he insists that he has a stack of them so why not?  I agree to consider it but I am so preoccupied with the dive, I can’t think about it.   When Adam appears at our hotel the next day with the voucher, I now have a problem – bungy is back on the table.  I have agreed to go and look at the tower.  As a backup, there is the […]

Barrier Reef

  Diving on the Great Barrier Reef has been on my bucket list for a very long time. As the fates would have it our dive is scheduled for our very first day in Australia. We had planned to meet with our dive guide on Thursday afternoon to carefully plan our excursion for the underwater photo shoot. Missing our flight from Brisbane to Cairns we arrive later than planned and have to move our meeting to early the next morning. Arriving to the hotel in Cairns fully disoriented, we unpack, eat and pass out.   In the morning I feel half dead and dehydrated. I don’t even know what day it is until I see a newspaper, we left on Tuesday and its Thursday! We scramble out the door to take the twenty minute brisk walk to get to the pier by 7 am to rendezvous with Adam. I am immediately struck by his kind, friendly personality and excited to work with him. I am also struck by the business, Passions of Paradise, as a first class operation. The boat is pristine, the staff are professional with a safety first mentally while making sure to have some playful fun.   […]

Famous Red Dress

It is a well-known fact that I am smitten with all things Aussie. I have watched most Paul Hogan movies including the famous Crocodile Dundee in which Linda Kozlowski makes one very revealing red dress quite famous on screen. The dress is bright red with one side revealing a lot of flesh from the bare shoulder down to the knee on the right side. A series of large cut out circles are tied together with a thin sash, making a pretty pattern and exposing a lot of skin. It narrowly covers the chest and rear. Mark Kalan, a professional photographer, acquired the dress at auction with the seed idea for a project called “The Red Dress Project.” His goal is to photograph as many women as possible in the famous red dress. You can’t imagine my shock when he reached out to Jeff to ask if I might be willing to model the dress for him.  I was beyond flattered that he thought me photo worthy. Not to besmirch my husband’s good taste but he is my husband and legally required to say I look good. I agreed without hesitation much to my husband’s pleasant surprise, since I do not […]


We are going down under and couldn’t be more excited. Having been a guest on the Sunrise show in Australia twice via satellite, we couldn’t let Sunrise host Samantha Armatage’s challenge to put our versatile wedding dress against the sands of Uluru. Our trip took an unbelievable amount of planning as we have our most aggressive schedule of shoots to date. They required a lot of help from locals and we’d like to both thank them in advance as well as give you a preview of what to expect.   Under Water in the Barrier Reef After a difficult start trying to find a diving company to work with, it’s not like you can just show up with a wedding dress and expect understanding and cooperation with what we are trying to achieve, our inquiry was finally replied to when we reached out to Passions of Paradise. They totally got what we wanted to accomplish and agreed to help us above and more importantly below the water. Their marketing guy is going to dive with us and help us underwater.We are also going to attempt to shoot without Jennifer wearing a scuba tank. With Passions help and an amazing product […]

New Website

Anyone whose been following our project for some time will notice that what we’ve been up to is a complete rewrite of our site to correspond with the launch of Jennifer’s memoir, When it Clicks, and our new photo book by the same name. We are hoping the new site will be more engaging with larger images and a more interactive blogging format. Please feel free to give us any further suggestions!