Australia – Sydney Day 1

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We have a very aggressive Sunday in Sydney as everyone wants us to shoot prior to being on Sunrise Monday. Our first shoot is at 7:30 am at the Skytower. We walk a mile to get there eyeing very cloudy skies. We are met by very friendly staff who take us up to the tower. We get harnessed as “I Come From the Land Down Under” plays in the background. Opening the hatch they switch “Eye of the Tiger” as we hook in walk out. The harness is clipped into an intricate rail system that allows you to safely move freely in a 360 degrees so you can see all the city highlights including the bridge and Opera House. Unfortunately the rain begins and cuts the shoot very short. We may try again later this week.


Sydney, Australia - Sky Tower Eye

Sky Tower Eye

Sydney Eye Tower

Second Attempt with Better Weather

Next stop is Madame Tussauds’ Wax Museum. They forgot we were coming but we’re spotted by cleaning staff who fetch the manager we need. She gives us free reign to explore and even has a young staff member join us to assist. It feels odd to be next to such life like representations of the famous whether they are living or long since passed on. Of course, Oprah is a favorite (now if I could just get her to read “When it Clicks!”) as well as Einstein, ET and Pink! I have to take a shot with Crocodile Dundee given the red dress shoot but it’s no substitute for the real thing. We have just one hour to hurry through, but we have a collection of fun pics with little effort; my favorite kind.

Please vote for your favorite at the end.


Madame Tussauds - Alfred Einstein
Alfred Einstein


Madame Tussauds - Hitchcock


Madame Tussauds - Oprah Winfrey
Oprah Winfrey


Madame Tussauds - ET Phone Home
ET Phone Home

Madame Tussauds -  A Breakfast at Tiffany's
A Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Madame Tussauds - Crocodile Dundee
Crocodile Dundee

 Madame Tussauds - Pink!

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We continue en route to our 200th photo shoot with iFly Down Under, a skydiving simulator! To say we’re excited is an understatement since it’s a huge milestone and we are being filmed by channel 7 for our appearance live in studio Monday. We do two practice runs in flight suits before swapping it for the wedding dress. I have less control with the dress but manage to get some great flying around the chamber. Jeff takes a turn as well in his tuxedo and does quite well. Our last shot should have been together as husband and bride but my instructor decides we will do high flyer first. He tells me to stay still and he will control everything and I just have to relax and enjoy the ride. I stay still, but we are launched up too fast and I crack my head on the ceiling and then we fall crashing onto the metal floor below. A searing pain in my shoulder blade radiates from the fist of the instructor trying to break my fall by bear hugging me, but it didn’t quite work.


Sydney, Australia - iFly Down Under


Jeff wants me to come back in for the tandem ride! That’s when I realized he didn’t see what happened. I try to shake it off but the pain is terrible and breathing hurts. I ice it all the way home and Jeff cancels our last shoot of the day in the shark tank because I can’t move. It is all musculature but I have separated muscles from the shoulder blade. I am advised to ice and rest. They even offer me codeine which I decline. I can’t sleep and in the morning I am forced to take a cab to the Sunrise Show.


Sunrise Show - Sydney, Australia


Sunrise Show - Sydney, Australia

The interview may have been my most relaxed to date because I was in too much pain to think about being live on television. It was great fun to meet Kochie who we have been speaking to since 2011! Too bad we missed Samantha since she was on vacation. Clearly we will have to come back.


  1. Gail Kane
    January 01, 2015

    I am so sorry to hear of your injury Jen, I hope you get well soon and recover fast, shoulder injuries are not fun, I’ve had 2 surgeries on my shoulder in the last 6 months myself, so keep an eye on it. Be well and take care and have a safe trip home,

    Your friend from Jersey,

    Gail Kane

  2. jsalvage
    January 01, 2015

    Thanks for the well wishes. We will get it checked out again when we get stateside. We head back today. Very sad! Love Australia!

  3. Joy
    February 14, 2016

    Sharon – This is the first photography post I have ever comtnemed on. How could I not! Everything about every photo was perfectly gorgeous. What a wonderful artist you are. I would hire you ANY day to do my family photos. (Except I live in Chicago!) LOL. I will most definitely bookmark you in my favourites this far .October 10, 2012 4:17 pm

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