About Us

Jennifer Salvage 



“The Reluctant Model”, Jennifer is far more comfortable in a pair of jeans or with a backpack on than in a dress and makeup. Known on the trail as Eagle Eye, she has hiked over 3,000 contiguous miles just in the Appalachian mountains. A high school guidance counselor by day, her academic schedule allows the time to travel to the ends of the earth with Jeff and her indestructible wedding dress.



Jeff Salvage 



Jeff is an award winning Teaching Professor at Drexel University, where he instructs the next generation of computer geniuses. However, Jeff never sits behind a computer terminal for too long. He is a world renowned coach and promoter of race walking, an accomplished author, and part-time professional photographer. Jeff had it all, that is except for the perfect companion to share his quenching zest for life. Enter Jennifer and the real adventure begins.

Munson Salvage 



Absent traditional biped children, the Salvage’s house is ruled by a 60 pound bundle of endless love. With hypnotic eyes and a personality that can melt hearts, Munson is the center of attention in the Salvage household. Jennifer credits her with keeping herself fit enough to still fit in her wedding dress after 6 years of marriage.





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